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Cummins Nitrous Backfire Destroys The Turbo!

When we’re talking performance modification, it definitely can be a rewarding path to take. When you put a lot of hard earned money and effort into your machine and it all comes together in just the right way, giving you something that you can be proud of, it’s really quite the fulfilling experience. However, sometimes, modification in the performance sector takes not only a good knowledge of what’s going on but also sometimes a little bit of luck. Even if everything is set up just the way that it should be, smooth sailing isn’t always in the cards.

It’s not really clear what type of situation this was but, what is clear is the fact that this nitrous sprayed speed demon of a Cummins power Dodge Ram machine just didn’t have smooth operation in the cards as they would crank it up on the dyno, attempting to make a number before things would go incredibly wrong. It all started off just as one would expect as the truck began to push through the resistance of the rollers, making a bunch of black smoke to begin to put down a number. However, before long a big bang would bring everything to an end.

If you follow along with the clip below that takes you directly to the dyno room, you’ll be able to get an inside scoop on exactly what went wrong that made this impressive machine give in to a little bit too much pressure. When nitrous is done properly, it can really help you out but one slipup can really call for catastrophic failure as well. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be too much repair that needed to be done to be able to get this impressive truck back out on the street once again.



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