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Cummins Powered Chevy is an Off-Road Rig with Some Serious Muscle

Sometimes, while browsing the web, we come across something that really makes us stop in our tracks, trying to figure out exactly what it is that we’re looking at as some sort of sensation begins to tingle through the spine. With this Chevy pickup truck that appears to have been based off of the Chevrolet Colorado, we got exactly that sensation and really wanted to see more of this truck from the very first second that we laid eyes on it. Once we clicked on the sound, it was game over as the sweet sound of the diesel exhaust whistling from underneath the rig made itself known with this machine that really seems to be built to go anywhere.

This Colorado certainly is nothing like your ordinary pickup truck. One simple look at it can tell pretty much anybody all about that. However, what one might not be able to see just by looking at it as what’s under the hood. A slight dive deeper into the truck would determine that it is powered by a Cummins diesel engine that has this thing ripping around in the mud and showing off. One look from top to bottom indicates that there aren’t very many pieces on this vehicle that remain from the factory truck. Normally, when someone says something like that, it’s about an application with which maybe the body is still the same but here, no component is safe!

By following along with the video below, we get to see a couple seconds of shredding as the truck trudges through the mud, flexing its very custom muscles and showing us exactly what it’s got. It seems that the fact that there isn’t a Chevy power plant under the hood has the comments section roaring here, however, we have to say that we think it’s a job well done!

Cummins Fun In The Mud With A Custom Chevy

Nothing like a Cummins and some mud! It's feel good Friday! How will you be letting loose this weekend???

Posted by Fab Fours Bumpers on Friday, 14 December 2018


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