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Is This Cummins Powered ‘Cuda A Mopar Lover’s Dream or Nightmare?

Within the world of engine swaps, many times, believe it or not, even something so simple can drum up a lot of controversy. You would think that if somebody was doing something that they thought to be cool and investing their very own money into a project that they saw through to fruition, but it would be widely supported by the entire community, especially when it comes to something like this old-school Hemi Cuda that, well, has frankly dropped the Hemi as it had foregone it in favor of a different powerplant. The finished product has pulled the heart out of a Dodge pickup truck as a Cummins diesel was instead inserted under the hood of the classic car.

Now, from a craftsmanship standpoint, it really looks like this car left no stone unturned as outside and in, it would appear as if somebody really went through the paces in order to provide a finished product that absolutely is nothing short of a head turner should it be sent to a car show or some other area where people can really get a chance to look under the hood and see exactly what was done in order to make this machine something that is completely custom and something that could really give the builder a chance to show off what they’ve got.

However, as you’ll find with vehicles like this, you might just see that a lot of people think it’s cool but on the other hand, you have your purists who think that these kinds of cars should be left to their original equipment. We’re not sure what side of this debate you’ll fall on but I think that even those who find their hearts to be in the most pure of Hemi places will find that this is a build that is way too cool to turn down.


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