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Cummins Powered Dodge Ram Runs Away After Turbo Failure During Pull

If you’ve never seen a diesel runaway, basically what happens is the engine starts to rev out of control due to a rare fueling issue. From there, it’s up to the people on the scene to figure out a way to get everything stopped as quickly as they possibly can in order to avoid catastrophic failure from landing in their laps. If they can’t figure out how exactly to cut off the air to the engine or kill it in some other way, the sequence can cause carnage of all sorts and in a situation like this, it’s important to act fast before the engine or body parts are lost!

This particular diesel powered truck, we get to see it going to work at a sled pulling contest, but before long, this thing is giving the spectators a surprise that’s a little bit more than they bargained for. When the driver appeared to be on the end of a pull, the truck goes entirely nuts in a runaway situation and one everyone on the scene scrambled quickly to do whatever they could think of to find the right answer to making sure that they could get this thing shut down without it erupting and sending parts everywhere.

Down below, you can check out the video from the scene that day as this situation that went pretty poorly almost turned catastrophic. Luckily no fingers were lost in the process of this video as they managed to get the engine shut down after shooting a fire extinguisher at it. Luckily some quick thinking helped to potentially save the day, but we’re interested to see how much damage was done by the extinguisher, even though it was said to be a dry-chem application being used to stop the engine from revving out of control and to the moon.


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