Custom Made Extra Wide Jeep is FUNKY Looking!

One of the most beautiful parts of automotive customization world is that you can ...

One of the most beautiful parts of automotive customization world is that you can create literally anything that you want. If you can see it in your mind and have enough money and talent to back up your dream, there’s a way to use some hard work combined with creative thought to put together whatever it is that you’re picturing in your head. Sometimes, what comes out the other end is a clean and crispy rendition of something that’s already been done, somebody’s personal twist on a subject that has become popular throughout the community and other times, something entirely new is created, really making something that’s one of a kind, forcing the viewer to think about what it is that they’re looking at.

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This time, we check out a Jeep that most certainly is a member of the latter. This thing takes the description of exactly what a Jeep is and completely flipped the script, bringing an entirely new custom creation to life! Straight from the get-go, one glance of this 4×4 will tell you that you’re in for a treat that’s unlike anything that you’ve seen before. When you look at it even longer, you see even more custom touches that really make this one funky machine. One thing is for sure about this one, it most certainly will never fail to gather attention at a local car show. I bet that eyes are glued to the Jeep everywhere that goes!

Follow along in the video down below that gives you an up close and personal with this obscure machine that really raises a couple questions about what the thought process was behind this one! This is definitely a cool creation but you have to wonder exactly what was going on in the owner’s head to make them want to put together something like this that is a concept that we have never really seen before.

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