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Custom Turbo LS Powered Go-Kart, First Ride Doesn’t Go Well…

Custom Turbo LS Powered Go-Kart, First Ride Doesn't Go Well...

In a world filled with people asking “Why?” sometimes, you need to ask “Why not?”

When it comes to the mechanical creations that we build behind garage doors, there doesn’t always necessarily have to be a rhyme or reason. Perhaps, one day, we just came up with a crazy idea and wanted to see how it would unfold. Sometimes, these crazy ideas can end up paying off big-time. Other times, though, they might end up blowing up in our faces. It’s not always the end product that makes the build worth it. Instead, the journey to compile such a contraption can be the more interesting part.

This time, we catch up with an individual who decided to try and put his mechanical know-how to the test. As they say, just about everything has been LS swapped. From imports to domestic and even some things without wheels, the LS engine has found its way into pretty much everything. That’s not an understatement, either. Heck, we’ve even seen an LS powered mail truck.

This time, though, we check out a creation that probably hasn’t been swapped just yet. We can say that with some sort of certainty because it looks like a completely custom frame is surrounding the engine. The end result is a homemade go-kart that has the operator scooting around with the help of turbocharged LS power. If you want to talk about power to weight ratio then this thing definitely has it.

The end result doesn’t look to be very safe or really even all that usable, for that matter. However, we have to admit that it’s a lot of fun to watch this thing fire up and go for a ride. If there were a master head-turner for car shows, we get a feeling that this would be it.

LS1 V8 GoKart

LS1 V8 GoKartowner: @Fix or Fab #TURBOKING

Posted by TURBO KING on Tuesday, February 25, 2020


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