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Customer Crashes Rental Ferrari Then Sues, Gotta Love the Rental Car Industry

What would America be without a good old fashion lawsuit every now and then?

All jokes aside, the lawsuit definitely has its place as people want to be given fair treatment and sometimes that just doesn’t happen without some intervention. This is especially true in the rental car industry as dealing with the general public and trusting them with high dollar items like vehicles is a catalyst for situations that might provoke a little bit of an argument. Let’s just say that, once exotic cars are applied to the mix, things get even more complicated.

Just when we thought that somebody wrecking an economy box was complicated, handing them the keys to a Ferrari that is twice as likely to be involved in an accident and multiple times the price makes things even more convoluted.

This time, we tune in with a situation where Rob Ferretti takes us inside of one of these lawsuits. Call us odd but we definitely find our interest piqued when we get to take a dive inside of these sorts of things. It definitely provides unique insight into the human mind that we wouldn’t get in too many other situations. In addition, taking a peek into how the law treats these sorts of happenings is really information that could be applicable to other real-life situations. Might as well stash it away for a rainy day and see what happens.

By following along with the video below, we get to take a look at the lovely world of lawsuits that encapsulates the rental car industry. As it turns out, when somebody’s back is against the wall and they’re being sued for crashing a rental car, they will break out all sorts of different ideas to try and counter sue in order to offset the seemingly inevitable of having to fork over a big wad of cash.

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