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Cybertruck vs Hummer EV vs Rivian – Here’s One Take on How the New EV Truck Battle is Going to Go

If there is one thing that we hear over and over again about the electric vehicle community, it’s that Tesla is worlds ahead of just about everybody else. We suppose that it turns out that Elon Musk has kept a couple of tricks up his sleeve to pull out at the right time to keep that advantage. It also just so turns out that he has applied that technology to the truck segment as well. With the announcement of the Tesla Cybertruck, he would pull out a variety of features that were new to the segment including, but not limited to, the truck’s wild design.

This has led us to wonder what exactly things are going to look like when electric trucks across the board start to hit the market.

One of the interesting observations that we can’t help but make here is that this might be the first time that Tesla has had any real competition. Sure, there have been electric cars before to challenge the likes of the brand. However, we can’t really say that there were very many vehicles outside of the Tesla brand that have had much hype built around them. We would probably wager that there are an abundance of folks who can’t even name another electric car model outside of a Tesla.

However, when it comes to models like the GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T pickup truck, the hype is definitely real. Pair that with the fact that the Tesla Cybertruck is anything but conventional-looking and there’s definitely a lot of factors to keep an eye on. Can something as odd as the Cybertruck really be a competitor?

This time, we ride along with automotive aficionado, Doug DeMuro as he gives his perspective on how he thinks all of this is going to unfold. When we look back at this point in time, it seems as if it could be one of those pivotal moments that changes the future of the automotive community forever. How does DeMuro think that all of this is going to unfold? After years of experience in the automotive industry, we might say that he would be a good person to ask. Below, we get his perspective on the matter and what this battle of the brands might look like when all is said and done.


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