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Daddy Dave Takes us For an In-Car Ride at NPK FL, VA, and NH

As No Prep Kings pushes on and we have yet another season of insane action, fans can’t get enough of what they have seen on the race track. With big names and even bigger horsepower, we see some pretty crazy situations unfold on that unprepared drag racing surface. Let’s just say that the competition most certainly has a way of throwing curveballs every now and then which certainly keeps things interesting for everyone watching.

This time, we get to check in with the action from yet another variety of angles. This is one of the beautiful things about the state of technology these days. Not only do we get to see the action from a very professional production as it rolls across our TV screens. In addition, a variety of competitors have their own YouTube channels and several cameras chasing them around at all times as well. Because of this, we get closer to the action than ever before. Not only do we see the polished finished product on TV but we also get the raw footage that gets us in the cockpits of the cars and on the starting line as well.

In this particular video, we take a ride with Daddy Dave Racing quite literally. The video takes us through some No Prep Kings events so far this year. In it, we travel to Florida, Virginia, and New Hampshire to get a new perspective on the action. Seeing things from the outside of the car is one thing but being able to hop into the cockpit brings an all-new level of intensity to the mix.

See Daddy Dave in action from these events in a way that fans have yet to see. Hopping in the passenger side of that Chevrolet Nova is a real treat as we’re able to feel the adrenaline rush! Photo credit – CPaulshock Photography


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