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Daddy Dave Cranks up the Boost on the Dyno, Makes 1600hp!

When you hear the name Daddy Dave, the chances are that you know of him from his reputation on Street Outlaws for being behind the wheel of the Goliath Chevrolet Nova or maybe even the old days when he used to wheel that old school GMC Sonoma that really packed a heavy punch. However, even beyond those two vehicles, Dave has yet another that promises to hit hard in any situation as the ProCharger powered Malibu really packs a punch. I guess that you could even go so far as calling Dave the man of many racing machines as you really never know what to expect him behind the wheel of!

This time, we head out to Street Car Takeover in the 405 where Dave is seeing what all of the fuss is about as the event has been growing and growing year after year. This time, the action isn’t coming to us from the actual event itself where all of the racing goes down, but instead one of the massive meets the night before where everyone can check out the local car scene and even get the chance to check out some of the more impressive machines hit the dyno and sing their hearts out to make a number and show what all of that pretty piping under the hood is worth.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll catch a glimpse of the boosted G-Body that is laying some serious smackdown up there on the rollers. After seeing a display like this, I can confidently say that I would think twice before lining up next to a car like that on the street, strip, or wherever the race is going down. Even from this side of the screen, the super clean machine is one that’s certainly not hard to appreciate.