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Daddy Dave Gives Final Update Before NPK, Shop Update!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on April 12, 2022

For those who have ever raced on a professional level, they can likely attest to the fact that this job is more than meets the eye. It isn’t as simple as being a badass driver, showing up, and hopping behind the wheel… but being a boss in the cockpit certainly helps.

For those who are casual bystanders, perhaps racing on a professional level looks like a dream job with no challenges. After all, what most folks end up seeing is what happens on race day. Sure, there might be a mechanical challenge here and there but to the untrained eye, things look like they are all easy breezy.

In reality, though, things aren’t always so simple. In fact, we’d say that it’s rare that racing on a professional level is straightforward.

Instead, in order to maintain a professional racing operation, there is a ton of work invested behind the scenes. Not only do racers have to worry about maintaining their vehicles. They have to worry about all sorts of peripheral items that a lot of folks just simply never think about.

This time, we get a small taste of what exactly that means for a professional racer like Daddy Dave. In this particular vlog episode from the Daddy Dave Racing YouTube channel, we check in as Dave gets ready for No Prep Kings Season 5.

Not only does this mean some last-minute updates for Goliath, Dave’s race car. It also means maintaining the tow rig, swapping out a new trailer, and doing things like preparing merchandise for the upcoming events.

In other words, let’s just say that this is a full-time job and then some. Sure, it might be the dream job of a lifetime but there are definitely a lot of sleepless nights and long hours of preparation that go into maintaining a top-notch racing program.


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