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Daddy Dave Hooks up His New Silverado With a ProCharger! (Step By Step Install)

Most Street Outlaws fans probably know Daddy Dave best for his work behind the wheel of his Chevrolet Nova known as “Goliath.” Fans who go back a little bit further might remember Dave throwing down in his Chevrolet S10. However, as is the case with plenty of Street Outlaws, the fun doesn’t stop with the rides that we see on screen.

As it turns out, Dave decided that his S10 was a little bit too rowdy to be his daily driver. Therefore, he decided to go out and purchase a Chevrolet Silverado regular cab short bed to use to fill that daily driver role. However, upon further reconsideration, Dave did change his mind back, figuring that the S10 would, in fact, be tame enough to drive on a regular basis.

With that, he still picked up a pretty clean Silverado that he says he got a good deal on and doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Dave does tell us that maybe the truck could end up being given away but first, he’s going to give this thing a little bit of a high-performance treatment.

One of the first performance modifications that he plans on throwing at the truck is a ProCharger supercharger system under the hood. With a stock 4.8L engine and ProCharger P-1SC, Dave tells us that the truck probably won’t be a killer of worlds. However, just because it isn’t going to make the most power in the 405, Dave still seems excited that he’s going to have something to “Make ProCharger noises and have some fun with.”

In other words, we would assume that this truck is going to be a pretty awesome build in the eyes of most performance enthusiasts.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with one of Dave’s most recent purchases and go behind the scenes to see exactly what he has been up to.

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