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Daddy Dave In His Malibu VS OG Murder Nova With Phantom Behind The Wheel.

Daddy Dave in his pro charged Malibu are fairly new to the no prep scene, as this car is typically known for being on a 275 radial, and going to Ducks races, but recently we have seen him drive it to Twin Peaks, and put it on the dyne as a street car, and this weekend put a small tire slick under it, and go No prep racing. Friday night he called out Phantom from Midwest Street Cars in The OG Murder Nova (also on a 28×10.5 tire) for a little grudge action.

Phantom is not new to the OKC racing scene by any means, but typically he is either behind the camera as the Midwest Street Cars media guy/producer or in a full blown street driven truck or car. This however is the first time Phantom has been behind the wheel of anything this powerful, and the first time we know of anyone besides Shawn being allowed to wheel his car down the track. After a couple test hits Thursday night that didn’t go so well, Phantom entered the big tire unlimited class which was full of a few back half cars, and a bunch of full blown race cars with fiberglass or carbon fiber bodies, Phantom ended up going out first round, but made his best pass of the weekend.

This race was a good one as it looked like Phantom had Dave out of the hole, and was pulling away with that big turbo power, but Daddy Dave did what Daddy Dave does, and pulled his lucky rabbit out, and pulled out a victory.