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Daddy Dave Takes Fans Behind the Scenes at NPK Palm Beach

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on June 28, 2021

Some fans might be inclined to think that the more experienced racers who consistently find themselves toward the top of the pack always have their game together and it just works. From what we have found, with a variety of experience in all sorts of racing, is that no racer truly has it together all the time. It doesn’t matter what format of racing it is or how long they’ve been doing it, every single person to get behind the wheel has to face some sort of challenge at one point or another. The difference is that the great racers get the problems out of the way before the races that really matter.

Included in this body of racers is none other than Street Outlaws front runner, Daddy Dave. While it might seem as if Dave is always at the front of the pack, this presence comes on the heels of lots of effort and adjustment.

This time, we check in with a video from Dave’s new YouTube channel that explains exactly what that means. Not only does it mean adjusting the car and making a variety of different passes down the track. It can also mean making long journeys with not very much sleep in order to make sure that race day is a success.

Down in the video below, Dave takes it upon himself to explain what actually happens on specific passes. In addition, we get to learn about how an expert reacts to certain information and makes changes based on what they know.

Sure, at this level of the game, Dave is probably pretty good at interpreting the data that his car gives him and turning it into something useful. However, to say that Dave isn’t still out there working his tail off for long hours to make sure that he stays at the top would be a downright lie.

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