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Daddy Dave Takes on America’s List Testing

If you’ve been wondering how certain competitors like Daddy Dave manage to constantly stay at the top of their game, the answer is that it’s simply not easy.

Competitors like Dave have an incredibly rigorous filming schedule and sometimes are racing even when the cameras are off. This schedule alone is one that most folks probably couldn’t keep up with. However, when we throw in all of the maintenance and time spent wrenching in the garage in the equation, things get even more intense! This doesn’t even include the talent necessary to operate in the drag racing world.

This time, we check in with Dave as he takes us behind the scenes for a little bit of testing action. The goal of this video is to get in as much testing as possible for Street Outlaws: America’s List. Even for folks who are as dominant as Dave is on race day, sometimes, things come up that provide a bit of a challenge when testing.

In this particular video, Dave talks a little bit about the testing struggles and some breakage that he went through. Things like this might not be a fun time for those picking up the broken pieces but persevering through them is definitely one of the elements that are necessary in order to make your way to the top.

Down in the video below, fans will be treated to a little bit of in-car and out-of-car footage that shows what happens during testing. In addition, Dave talks about how exactly he corrects some of the problems that pop up when trying to keep things together.

Sure, race day might be the most exciting and it could be interesting to talk about who the best driver is on the track. However, it’s times like these where races are truly won and lost.


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