Daddy Dave Makes Test Hits With Goliath at H-Town

Just when you thought that some of the fastest cars in the game were set up to stay ...

Just when you thought that some of the fastest cars in the game were set up to stay the way that they are, you find a little bit of an update on Facebook about how these things are constantly changing. No matter who you are or how fast your car is going or even how dominant you are to the rest of the competition, as it turns out, racing is an ever-evolving beast that really needs to have lots of focus and concentration placed on new technology and changing trends. If you take full advantage of these trends, you can make sure that you stay out front instead of just holding that pole position for a limited time.

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This time, we check out Daddy Dave’s Goliath 2.0 Chevrolet Nova as we find it coming along yet again. Even as one of the best in the game, Dave continuously hones his craft so that he can manage to be on the cutting edge among the other vicious racers that you will see on the list. It’s things like these that allow Dave to keep his momentum rolling with the Twin Turbo machine that really steps up to the plate and delivers big time, race in and race out. It’s probably that unpredictability, at least from an opponent’s perspective, that keeps this thing thriving and at the top of the pack.

Join in, down in the video below as Dave delivers the latest and greatest in exciting advancements with Goliath. The more data that the crew is able to log, the more likely a clean pass will happen come race day. There’s really no telling where Dave will land with the combo as it’s always making some sort of vertical movement.

This time, the action is brought to us by YouTube uploader, Lou Renova as he’s able to get us the best view in the house! Follow 405 Photo on Facebook and Instagram! 

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