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Daddy Dave testing his new Procharged motor on the dyno! No more nitrous?

No more nitrous for Daddy Dave??? Dave went live recently on his facebook page to showoff his new engine build on the dyno. For a guy who has been using nitrous on most of his cars with the excepion of the Malibu he drives this is a big change for Daddy Dave, but at the end of the day he can drive the hell out of anything.

Will this change his current standing on the street? WIll he have to start at the begining of the list or is that for a new car entirely? We are not sure on all of that but it is going to be fun to watch Goliath 2.0 ripping up the streets and tracks very soon.

Check out the live video below as Dave and SDPC Race Shop throws the engine on the dyno and does a few pulls for tuning purposes. Goliath 2.0 will be one bad mamajama very soon! We can’t wait until that motor is in the car and Dave is making brutally fast test hits and tearing his way up the Street Outlaws top 10 list.

Dyno time at SDPC Raceshop

Posted by Daddy Dave on Thursday, October 27, 2016


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