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Daddy Dave Vs Big Chief – $5000 Grudge Race At Outlaw Armageddon

As far as rivalries go, Big Chief vs Daddy Dave might just sit at the top for the street racing world.  These two longtime friends and rivals have been racing each other for years, whether it be at the backwards track races, Conquer the Concrete, no prep events, on the street, or just cruising in daily drivers. Any time, any place, these two will always get down.

You won’t find a more accomplished racer in the no prep world than Dave, winner of numerous street races, and no prep races. Dave has been known to drive anything and has a knack for making whatever he’s wheeling faster than expected. That’s the mark of a true wheelman, the ability to extract every ounce of ET from a ride just by sheer skill and finesse.

Chief is currently the king of the 405’s vaunted Top 10 list, sitting atop the heap at the end of the season. He took home the win at the first ever Outlaw Armageddon, winner of the $100,000 Bristol Street Outlaws race in 2017,  and one of the biggest gamblers in racing today! Admittedly, though, Chief has a losing record against Dave, but has had the better end of things here lately, holding him off for number 1 on the list numerous times. With so much history between them, it seemed only fitting that the two line up for a big money grudge race at Outlaw Armageddon, held for the 4th time earlier this month at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, OK.

Both cars laid down stellar runs, with the race being so close that both camps believed their guy had taken the win. However, when word came from the top end, it was Big Chief and The Crow taking the win by a carlength over Dave and Goliath. This is just one more chapter in the ongoing Dave vs Chief saga, and something tells us there are many more chapters left to be written in this book.