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Daddy Dave VS Kye Kelley Grudge Race at Redemption 6.0

When it comes to throwing down on the drag strip or in the streets, Daddy Dave and Kye Kelley are amongst the best to ever do it so naturally, as fans of a competitive sport, we all want to see matchups like these go down and this time our wish is granted.

The guys over at NXGonzo Video are on location to capture all of the action is this powerhouse matchup unfolds between the walls at the Redemption 6.0 No Prep Event. Even for competitors of this stature, when they look over and see who’s in the other lane, we know that they’re going to be giving it their all!

With such a high-profile race on the line, you know that it’s going to be a knockout of a battle and that’s exactly what it is as both of the competitors launch off of the line and make their way toward the finish line with the only thing in their minds being victory and victory alone.

Check out the race down in the video below as both of the competitors comes so close to winning but one car ends up sliding around up top, causing the driver to lose just enough time to let the competition win out!