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Daddy Daves first test pass in the Procharged Goliath 2.0!

For the past couple of years we have been watching the legendary Daddy Dave, the one of the baddest drivers around and he has been using nitrous over everything in his racing applications with the exception of the Malibu he drives! At first, the S10 truck was a nitrous monster and so was his Mustang. Even in his newer Nova “Goliath” and “Goliath 2.0” he was spraying the hell out of them with nitrous and going through broken parts way too fast.

With what we have seen, Daddy Dave has some amazing driving abilities, it doesen’t matter if he is running nitrous, turbo, or a ProCharger. He will take the car to the number one spot or very close to it! From the looks of things, he is tired of dealing with nitrous… Here is a quote from his Facebook page on why he doesn’t use nitrous anymore.

Dave says he’s tired of “filling bottles… Or heating bottles… Or remembering to arm system. ..Or remembering to open bottles… Or remembering to open ball valve.”

On another note from our phone call with Dave he is just sick and tired dealing with broken parts!

Dave tells us, “[I’m] Tired of having to replace pistons in the motor every 3-5 passes. With filming the show I’m on a very tight schedule as well so when I blow a motor or thrash some pistons I only have a few days until the next night of filming so I have to expedite the parts and that just adds up like crazy on the money side.”

Check out the live video below of Daddy Dave doing his very first test pass with the ProCharger which he hopes to have a little bit of a smoother experience with! It will take some testing and tuning to do to dial it in and make it perfect but he will get there! This is just the start!



Test day!!!!

Posted by Daddy Dave on Tuesday, November 15, 2016


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