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Daddy Daves “Goliath 2.0′ Unveiled at the PRI Show

Written By – James Wie


Written By James Wie

“Goliath 2.0′ Unveiled at PRI

When Daddy Dave finally got the opportunity to build his own car, A super clean Chevrolet Nova known as”Goliath,” we were super excited to see it make waves.

Unfortunately, however, as we all know, the car didn’t last nearly as long as we would have liked it to as an unfortunate event caused it to roll over several times, rendering the car pretty much useless. Thankfully, Dave was ok.

The incident wouldn’t stop Dave, though, as he would get back to work, purchasing another Nova and putting together about the same car that he had crashed. This time, however, the car would be even safer than the last one that saved his life.

Check out “Goliath 2.0” as the cover is pulled from the latest and greatest at PRI in the video below. We can’t wait to see this thing out on the streets with daddy Dave racing yet again.

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