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Ride Along as Daddy Dave’s Old Sonoma Heads to the Streets

As time marches onward, the gearhead community tends to evolve. One day, we might be completely invested in one particular machine. The next, perhaps that machine is on its way to a new owner. This is a common theme from grassroots racers all the way to the biggest names in the industry. Back in the very early days of Street Outlaws, many fans might remember Daddy Dave racing in a GMC Sonoma.

Things have certainly escalated past that point as the racer is now most known for his adventures behind the wheel of Goliath and its predecessor, Goliath 2.0.

However, the original Sonoma has to be lurking around the world somewhere, right? As it turns out, the truck has since found its way into the hands of Jackie Knox. Knox has been wheeling around in the machine that is now working with a ProCharger setup. In fact, the mini pickup truck is still making some noise in the streets.

This time, the National No Prep Racing Association is bringing us the action to show off what the truck has been up to. They tell us that, with zero testing on the street, Jackie is really pushing this thing to the limits. In fact, they remind us that the truck did make a strong outing at Armageddon. However, the street doesn’t exactly grip as well as the track, even if that track is a no prep. The combination of elements could prove to be volatile.

This time, we check out some footage from the H-Town Throwdown in Oklahoma where Knox tries his luck in the tailgate class along with big tire. It’s really good to see that this fan-favorite is still out there and ripping. There’s just something special about a fast pickup truck that can really make one’s hair stand on edge.


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