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Daddy Dave’s Twin Turbo Daily Driver S-10

When daddy Dave comes to mind, what’s the first thing that you think of?

More likely than not, the vast majority of people are probably going to say “Goliath.”

The Chevrolet Nova is a downright monster on the tracks, in the streets, and wherever Dave really chooses to race. As such, it has become one of the most popular straight-line racers in the world. That’s not even bringing up the fact that it’s so clean that you could probably eat off of it. The machine has a lot going for it and is a bonafide head-turner, for sure.

However, when Dave isn’t wheeling Goliath, the fun doesn’t come to a halt. Did you really think that the Street Outlaws quit playing when the cameras weren’t rolling? As some of the biggest gearheads that there are, these guys all seem to have more interesting toys than what we commonly see on screen.

This time, we tune in with one of Dave’s other playthings that’s a bit less known about. One of those toys just so happens to be a Chevrolet S10. This truck might’ve started off as a common commuter. Dave has found a way to transform it into something incredibly special, though. While the pickup truck isn’t as brutally powerful as Goliath, it certainly is swinging a heavy hammer. In the bed, we find a pair of turbos that are really bringing the truck up to speed. Call me crazy, but I think a good amount of folks could be as in love with these daily drivers as the race cars themselves!

This time, we get the follow along with the daily drivable machine as it hits the streets. In this feature from the National No Prep Racing Association, we watch as the pickup shows us how a truck can throw down.