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Dad’s Truck Gets Modded Behind His Back and Given Back For Father’s Day

Here in the world of wheels, one of the best components is that we can share the hobby or passion with one another. Sure, having a cool car or truck is neat and all. However, it really steps up a level when that vehicle can be appreciated with friends or even family. In fact, some have even been so compelled by the bond formed over an automobile that it sort of defines their lives.

This time, we check out a little bit of bonding over a pickup truck. In this particular situation, the truck in question has been given as a gift. However, for the recipient, a rapper that goes by the name of Jelly Roll, he’s receiving none other than his very own Ram.

Hold on… What?

So, how exactly does one go about receiving their own truck as a gift? Well, it turns out that a couple of people who care about him decided to go out and get it modified behind his back. This time, we see the end product as the truck has spent a little bit of time at Titan Motoring in order to be given a couple of upgrades to make it stand out from the pack.

For starters, the pickup has been wrapped in a satin black finish and fitted with a custom front and rear bumper. From there, we find different touches like custom emblems throughout, including embroidered headrests and even a beefed-up stereo system to really put the cherry on the Sundae.

By following along with the video below, we get the complete tour of the truck that has been made much more aggressive with some key modifications and the moment of truth when its owner gets to see all of the energy that has been invested into making this pickup pop!