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Dale Jr. Sits Down With NASCAR President, Discusses How COVID has Changed the Future of Racing

At this point, I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you about all the strange things going on in the world. In fact, it seems like quite some time since things have been “normal.”

Even though today, basically everything is shut down, there is definitely hope for tomorrow. Even if COVID-19 sticks around for a while, there are people out there who are determined to try and get back to some form of normalcy. Sure, there might not be screaming fans packing the stands for sporting events yet. However, one step in the direction of racing again is good enough for us.

With NASCAR scheduled to make its return this weekend in Darlington, we will tiptoe back toward the sport as we once knew it. We’re sure that officials will take all necessary precautionary measures once the green flag waves. It’s going to be baby steps to get back to where we were.

In the scheme of things, though, perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here. Hopefully, we don’t have another global health pandemic anytime soon. However, there are bits and pieces that different organizations might be able to use to strengthen themselves in the future. Sure, things are rather volatile in the short term. However, the lessons learned can make us stronger in the long term. This is true from the big leagues all the way down to everyone’s own personal lives.

This time, we tune into the Dale Jr. Download as he has a moment to chat with NASCAR President, Steve Phelps. In the quick interview, we learn a little bit about how NASCAR plans to move forward with racing. In turn, we get to hone in on some hot button topics that have been tossed around for a while. These include everything from doubleheaders to the potential of mid-week racing.

Just maybe this whole situation has made NASCAR take a look in the mirror. If handled right, they might even use it to better their product. – Dale Jr.