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Damon Drifts his Supercharged Lamborghini in Alex Choi’s Garage!

If you follow along with Damon Fryer and the antics that you’ll find over at Daily Driven Exotics, it can be a lot of fun to watch. These guys really live up to their channel name and drive the heck out of all kinds of cars that you would love having in your very own garage. While many would take it easy with such a big monetary investment, Fryer and company take it upon themselves to show exactly what cars like this are capable of when they are beaten half to death. The channel is really doing a sort of public service when you think about it because there are not very many chances for people to be able to appreciate these cars in the way that these guys portray them and they share it all with us via the Internet.

This time, we check in with yet another stunt from the crew as they head to the shop of yet another YouTube personality that goes by the name of Alex Choi. Instead of just hanging out or maybe wrenching on cars for little bit, Damon takes it to another level in the name of being as entertaining as possible when he decides to let loose on the supercharged Lamborghini, really showing what it’s got as the car screams indoors, laying down some dark marks as it rips a couple of indoor burnouts in Choi’s shop.

If this sounds like something that you would love to see and, let’s be honest, it probably is, check out the video below that will show how these guys kick up the adrenaline a notch and really hound on this machine to put on a show-stopping performance. With a little bit of money and just the right taste along with a little bit of a need for speed, the possibilities are nearly endless.