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Dan Bilzerian Takes Reporter on High Speed Drive and Insane Gun Shooting

One name that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere is Dan Bilzerian. There are a lot of dots to connect but it appears mostly as if the man has made his fortune through playing cards and exploded that fortune through social media, showing off the extravagant lifestyle that he likes to live which includes but is not limited to high-powered machines, beautiful women, and, of course, physically massive weaponry that not too many people will be able to get their hands on in this lifetime. This time, we got inside of it all to see exactly what a day in the life of Dan might just look like.

I’m not sure that reporter, Graham Bessinger, knew exactly what he was getting into when he headed out that day to get into the head of Dan Bilzerian, but what it turned into was a high-speed gallivant through the desert in a side-by-side that would end with firing off a massive weapon which was enough to blast Graham, the admitted novice when it comes to guns, a couple of feet backward. If he hadn’t watched Bilzerian do it just a couple of moments prior, I’m not sure that even would have been able to stand on his own two feet at all from the recoil of this huge weapon.

Follow along down in the video that takes you along for this high-octane ride as you get the blast through the desert and check out exactly what an average day in the life of Dan B would look like. I’m not sure about you, but there are a lot of people who I know who would be ready and willing to go hang out with this dude for a couple of weeks to see exactly what his day-to-day is all about.