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Dangerous… Biggest Wood Lathe Chainsaw at Work – Fastest CNC Technology

Woodworking is a blend of art and technical skill that is used the world over to create some of the most beautiful pieces of decor you’ll ever see. There’s something warm and inviting about wood, perhaps knowing it comes from nature and has almost always been made by hand into its final design. While there are machines that make the job easier, as you’re about to see, there’s almost always a human hand in the creation of anything made from wood, meaning it has an elegance and sophistication rivaled by few other mediums, whether made my man or machine.

Much like working with metal, massive lathes make the woodworking process easier and faster, but still require a skilled hand to operate. We’ve seen lathes small enough to be powered by a standard handheld drill, but these are on the opposite end of the size spectrum, obviously necessary to support and spin these massive sections of wood. The powerful engines spin the logs and a constant RPM, allowing the craftsman to shave off a little at a time until the design is finally to his liking. There are a host of attachments and mechanisms that come into play as well to help with the creative process and allow the operator to make perfectly shaped objects.

As with most of these processes, it is very satisfying to watch these objects come to life from large, basically shapeless sections of tree trunk. Anything from decorative posts to large bowls and vases can be carved from a single piece of wood, if your lathe is big enough, that is. The ones shown here are certainly large and have more than enough power to serve their purpose, allowing these master craftsmen to focus on the artistry that goes into these creations instead of having to figure out how to spin them by hand.


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