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Daniel Tosh Gets Incredibly Awkward in New Subaru Ad

When designing an advertisement for your vehicle, it can really be a tough undertaking. Trying to figure out exactly how you want your car represented and what it stands for can be really a challenge as people take all sorts of different signals and messages in different ways. This is why a marketer’s job is so tough to nail just that right advertisement to get cars sold. This time, however, I’d think that Subaru didn’t really have their fingers in this advertisement all that much. Instead, they decided to take a little bit more of a risky route and hand the reigns over.

This one didn’t look like it had a marketing members’ fingerprints on it at all as it appears as if Daniel Tosh completely took control, advertising exactly how he felt fit to show off his love of Subaru and to be honest, it really had most of us at the Speed Society offices rolling! Tosh really knows how to get those laughs going and the Subaru commercial is certainly no different as he pulls out a couple of unexpected plot twists that are incredibly awkward and also hit your funny bone all at the same time. Meanwhile, he also takes the liberty of calling out some clichés that we have gotten from car commercials in the past.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to get Tosh’s take on a Subaru commercial, showing us how his love of the brand seems to have struck him in the direction that we see here. When the commercial is over with, it seems like a lot of the exaggeration is put aside we get to the take the opportunity to see exactly how someone who really loves their Subarus would represent the brand. After following along with the commercial for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this different take on a commercial.