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Daredevil Testing For A Big Jump Falls Off Ramp, And Walks Away

When it comes to risk in motorsports, there aren’t too many other forms that can quite compare to stunt riding. These guys and girls are exposing themselves to some of the most extreme conditions. As they line up to go for it, everything needs to go just right. If it doesn’t, the byproduct can be pretty extreme. Limbs can be broken, skin thrashed, and riders can end up in the hospital for long lengths of time. On the other hand, though, if everything lines up just right, the result can be absolutely breathtaking as they fly through the air.

This time, when Cole Freeman went up to try his luck during this particular outing, things didn’t exactly connect. When attempting to shift the bike, the machine ended up in neutral instead of second gear. Because of this, the machine lost all power. It appears as if Freeman tried to slow down and stop at the very last second here. However, it was just a little bit too late for him to bail out. Instead of stopping short and staying on the ramp, things went awry.

As we follow along in the video below, we watch as the bike drifts just a little bit too far. The frantic attempt to bail out ended up in a very unfortunate position as Cole would end up going down face first with the bike landing on top of him. In all honesty, it made our stomachs curl up as it looks like the worst happened.

Fortunately, Freeman was able to pop back up as it looks like he didn’t suffer any severe injury. We’re sure that he’s going to be feeling this one quite a bit and his bike is probably nice and banged up. On the bright side, though, it looks like he escaped a long stay in the hospital.

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