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(Darker than Vanta Black?) Spraying a Car With the World’s Blackest Paint

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on December 7, 2020

For the artistic among us who have taken some time to poke around the Internet, they have probably stumbled upon something by the name of “Vantablack.” Vantablack is a variant of the black color that aims to reflect as little light as possible. Some other variations of the concept come to us in “Black 2.0” and “Black 3.0.”

Color, as we know it, is visible with the reflection of light. However, if all light is absorbed then it kind of creates what our brain interprets as a void. This is what these different variations of the black color aim to do. Essentially, when they are painted on three-dimensional objects, they take away the dimension and create what the host of the DipYourCar video below describes as a sort of real-life Photoshop.

The thing that makes the aforementioned colors difficult to spray large objects with is that it’s pretty hard to get your hands on these materials as they tend to come with a rather large price tag. In addition, our host here tells us that it doesn’t always coordinate with the surface beneath when it comes to laying it down evenly.

This time, however, DipYourCar has managed to find a variation of this seemingly colorless coating that they could realistically spray evenly on a car. We’re told that it might not technically be as dark as the previously mentioned colors but it really achieves quite the interesting byproduct.

Down in the video below, we’re introduced to a color that goes by the name of “Musou Black.” The color is said to be able to absorb 99% of light and when all is said and done, the results don’t even look real. Just when you thought the black was hard to keep clean on an automobile, this color has to be an all-new challenge. However, we would say it’s probably worth it to see the confused looks of other motorists making their way down the highway.


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