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Darrell Walltrip Admits to Cheating, Explains How Other NASCAR Teams do, Too!

Unlike other sports, racing has one little caveat that people who aren’t fans might find surprising and potentially won’t even understand. Not only is cheating prevalent in circle track racing but it’s also kind of encouraged in a weird roundabout way.

Sure, NASCAR officials are always on the lookout for teams that are going against the rules. Just a week or two ago, we would see the first winner of an event disqualified in quite some time as Denny Hamlin in the number 11 FedEx Toyota Camry was found to have a piece of tape where it shouldn’t have been, creating the first disqualified winner in the NASCAR Cup Series in decades.

While the team was caught and punished accordingly, trying to bend the rule book a little bit has always been a part of the NASCAR way of life. One quick YouTube search will turn up hundreds of stories of different anecdotes of “racing the rulebook” that made the sanctioning body take a second look at things and maybe even create new rules.

This time, we tune in with the Dale Jr. Download podcast as his guest, Darrell Waltrip, tells a little bit about how exactly he might have cheated just a bit back in his racing days.

From heavyweight helmets to be kept in the cockpit during weigh-ins and removed afterward to trap doors in the frame designed to help dump wait, there were definitely some interesting ways that DW and his crew tried to skate their way around the rules. In fact, he even goes so far as to insist that if race teams don’t get caught trying to bend the rules every once in a while that maybe they just aren’t trying hard enough.

Down in the video below, we get a front-row seat to some rather interesting stories to explain how NASCAR has become as competitive as it is!


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