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What’s a Day in the Life of a Mobile Mechanic Like and How Much do They Earn?

Being a regular mechanic can tend to be a challenge. Sure, over the years, a good mechanic is going to pick up lots of tricks. Furthermore, they will probably know the ins and outs of all sorts of different models of vehicles which should inevitably make the job much easier.

However, every now and then, there is a challenge that comes up when working on a car. Sometimes that challenge is a part that just won’t fit. Other times, maybe the old back starts aching which makes you grateful for that lift so that you don’t need to roll around on the ground.

In the shop, let’s just say that there are some accommodations. A shop provides lots of space and tools like a lift to make things more accessible. However, a mobile mechanic doesn’t have the same luxuries. Instead, such a job requires packing a lot of functionality and specific tools in a van to try and get the job done.

At the end of the day, a mobile mechanic is likely to make a little bit more than most traditional mechanics. However, the job is sure to come with his very own unique set of challenges.

From how one mobile mechanic works to how much a mobile mechanic might make, this time, we get to go on a ride with someone who knows the role well! In this one, the guy behind the Roadside Rescue YouTube channel is spilling the beans on everything that one would want to know about the job. He even covers some things that we didn’t even know that we wanted to know.

Long story short, a lot more goes into this job then meets the eye. Being able to dig into this unique way of life certainly opens our eyes to a pretty interesting situation happening on the roads every day!

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