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Dealer Lists New Tesla Cybertruck for $289K After Auction

Last week, the automotive community was buzzing about the first-ever auction of a Tesla Cybertruck, a controversial sight, for sure. The attention-grabbing aspect?
Someone paid well over the original price, with a staggering final hammer price just under $245,000.

Considering the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the Cybertruck, which tops out at around $100,000, it’s evident that the owner of this vehicle stood to make a substantial profit. However, amidst the excitement, speculation arose regarding potential legal implications. Tesla required owners to keep the truck for a year, threatening a $50,000 fine or profit forfeiture, whichever was greater.

For those eager to delve deeper into this, the original story with auction details can be found here.

But for those already familiar with the viral sensation, the burning question lingers: What became of the Cybertruck that commanded such an exorbitant sum? Unsurprisingly, a vehicle boasting such scarcity and allure is in high demand. Acquiring the model posed challenges for the original owner, as others feared legal issues, hindering willingness to sell.

The answer to this inquiry lies in Orlando, where Porsche South Orlando has boldly listed the Cybertruck for sale at a staggering $289,999.

One might ponder whether such an inflated purchase could yield profitable returns. If Porsche South Orlando’s actions are any indication, they stand to gain approximately $45,000 from the transaction.

via Carscom

Although the truck’s listing on the dealership’s website appears to have been removed, potentially overwhelmed by viral traffic, the truck with 69 miles on the odometer still exists on platforms like Cars.com. Interestingly, this Cybertruck isn’t the sole offering on the market. In Houston, a 1,171-mile example is priced at $249k, while a Miami counterpart, with 388 miles, commands $199k.

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