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Dealership Rips Donuts in Customer’s Aston Martin DBS that’s in for Repair Work

Sometimes, when you go to diagnose a vehicle, everything goes as according to plan. You plug in your code reader that’s designed to tell you what’s wrong, get a code and go to look it up. At which point, you can go to research the problem a little bit and will quickly come to a solution that corresponds with the code, alerting you to exactly what you need to repair or replace in order to get your car back up to the original factory specs once again. However, there are plenty of situations where this isn’t the case and everything isn’t so cut and dry. In fact, if you have ever worked on something with your own two hands, I think there might be safe to say that more often than not, when your vehicle is having an issue, it isn’t always what it first seems to be or can have many different fixes to one problem.

Now, if you’re working on your own car in the driveway, this might not be the end of the world but if you just so happen to be a dealership with a reputation to uphold and a bottom-line to observe, it might not be so great. After replacing part after part, if you so don’t find the issue, it could be pretty frustrating and expensive alike. If you’re unable to get to the bottom of the issue from the get-go, proving to be unable to even replicate what the customer stated that the issue looked like, well, the situation could be even more frustrating, especially when you might come up against a set of circumstances that would call for replacing the entire car. That’s definitely not something that any vehicle dealer wants to do because obviously, the cost would skyrocket.

In this situation, we follow along with a video from the guys over at Vin Wiki who tell us all about the story behind an Aston Martin that was pretty stubborn and didn’t want to show its hand when it came to displaying the issue the customer stated it had. Let’s just say that the people behind trying to diagnose it had to go through some pretty intense measures to try and figure out exactly what was wrong with the car and what they would need to replace. In the video below, you can listen to their story as they did everything they could to get this car fixed for their customer, including going out and ripping a couple of donuts to attempt to replicate an issue. If that’s not customer service, I’m not really sure what is.