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Dealership Tells Man That His New Ford F-250 isn’t Designed to Handle More than 65 MPH

When it comes to the automotive industry and how certain dealerships deal with customers, we have definitely seen some pretty interesting and crazy outlooks on certain situations. However, this seems to be a new one for us as we check in with someone who just purchased a brand-new Ford F-250 end got told quite a line from the dealership that seems too unbelievable to be true. In order to make sure that they weren’t losing their mind, they posted audio from the phone call with the dealership to the web just to see what other people thought of the situation and just about everybody is reacting the same way that we did.

You see, upon getting acquainted with their brand new pickup truck, these folks would soon learn that it would be difficult to drive over 65 mph without a tremendous shaking coming about. It seemed to be a rather obscure ceiling for the truck as most people would cruise around 65 or 70 mph on the highway regularly without issue. Therefore, they gave a holler to the dealership that they purchased it from who then told them that the vehicle wasn’t designed to go more than the 65 mph without having a load on board to steady it out. I’m not sure about you, but that’s something that I can’t really buy into. To add insult to injury, the dealership told people that if they wanted to fast truck, they should’ve gotten a Ford F-150.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll hear the outrageous conversation that goes back and forth with an obviously disgruntled customer and a dealership who seems to be a little bit aggravated that they’re calling in with this issue as they don’t want to hear about it. I’m not sure about you but after this, I can’t say that I would take any of my business back to that place again. Be sure to chime in with your thoughts on what exactly should be done in a situation like this.

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