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Death Defying: Fastest Humans On Water, 310+mph. His Dad Set The World Water Speed Record, Now He’s Challenging It!

There’s something special about chasing records that can be hard for the person chasing down the record to explain sometimes. A fascination can really come over somebody who is using horsepower to get to their goals. Perhaps, these goals are to reign supreme with a low elapsed time. Other times, though, maybe the goal is something like top speed.

When most think of speed records, they thing dry land. This time, though, the record is taking into the water. The attempt is met with skepticism by many. Some wonder why someone would want to take on the risk. However, for Dave Warby, he doesn’t see a life without the goal.

These days, Dave is a disabilities care worker. As he was growing up, he watched as his father would build a boat in the backyard. The vessel was constructed to tackle a top speed record. Dave says that there was something about watching his father chasing down the record against all odds that he simply couldn’t resist.

Back then, his father would invest all effort possible into taking the vessel known as the “Spirit of Australia” up to an astonishing 317.58 mph. Since then, Dave has spent all of his adult life investing his free time into chasing down that very mark.

Many who have tried to take on this record, according to the 60 Minutes report below, have been killed in the process. With 5500 pounds of jet engine thrust behind him, one could see how one false move could be troublesome for Warby. It doesn’t seem to phase him much, though. We don’t think Dave could see living his life without chasing the record.

As of now, a jet engine taken from the Fiat G.91 has propelled Dave’s Spirit of Australia 2 to a touch over 252 mph. He has quite the road ahead of him. However, we don’t think that he will be backing down anytime soon.


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