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DEBATE: Were this woman’s actions JUSTIFIED???

We want to hear what you guys and gals think about this pretty shocking piece of video. Read here first, then watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook.

We join an obviously tense scene where two vehicles sit nose to nose. A man appears to be coming from the Porsche Cayenne on the left toward the BMW on the right. He first moves to the passenger side door and tried to open it, with no luck. He then walks to the front of the car, points his finger ominously toward the driver, then proceeds to smack the hood with his open hand. Continuing, he yanks unsuccessfully on the driver’s side door, which surprisingly seems to calm his anger somewhat.

After failing to get into the car, the man walks back to the front of the BMW, much more casually this time, when the driver of the Bimmer backs up a couple of feet, then drives forward with what certainly appears to be intent and slams into the man, then immediately into the Porsche itself, clamping the man momentarily between the 2 vehicles. The cars bounce off one another and the guy falls to the ground in obvious pain from his legs being smashed between the two cars, though nobody comes to his aid. The driver of the BMW, revealed to be a female, gets out and walks over as other onlookers begin to gather around the injured, wailing man who moments earlier had been the aggressor.

The debate lies here: were this woman’s actions justified? Many will say they were, as the man was clearly threatening her, while some will say she was in no danger at the time because he appeared to have been disengaging. Some factors to consider: were these two in a relationship gone bad? Why did nobody seem interested in helping him after the impact? Was the woman actually in danger at any point? If her door had been unlocked, what were the mans intentions? Let us know what you think after watching the video below!