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Deer Flattens Biker and Friends Have No Idea What to Do

Sure, the chances that you’re going to head out for a drive and run into a deer are probably pretty low. Even if you live in an area where it tends to happen more often than other areas, you would still be inclined to think that you have to get pretty unlucky to find yourself running into one of these creatures. However, it’s definitely still a very real thing that could happen so you might want to keep an eye out for any wildlife that seems want to get itself in the way of your transportation. If the two come together as one, well, I don’t think that I need to spell out for you that things could get bad.

This time, it isn’t a car that we are observing but instead, a motorcycle rider who gets tied up in the unfortunate and unlucky situation of getting tangled with a deer. This one is really obscure to watch as it was caught on camera as the group of motorcycle riders went out to go on a cruise together, when all of a sudden one of the riders found himself in a situation with a massive animal. The deer really comes out of nowhere, charging across the highway and taking this guy down! Normally, it would be the other around but this deer really seemed like it was out for vengeance, making its way toward the rider and knocking him off of his motorcycle before continuing on!

Follow along with the video that’s able to show off the obscure interaction that probably had this group wondering exactly what happened and how it hit them so quickly. One thing that we know, everyone is cruising along and the next, none of them probably even knew what hit them before they saw their buddy on the ground. We’d to think that this one was not in the plans when these guys headed out that morning to go for a nice little relaxing cruise. What’s the most obscure example of a motorcycle riding blooper that you can say you have ever seen?