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Dennis Anderson and His Mega Truck King Sling… One Bad B****!

Dennis Anderson has built one of the most loyal fan followings in all of motorsports as the driver of the famed Grave Digger monster truck. Through the years, Anderson has helped grow the sport of Monster Truck racing with his combination of badass driving and over-the-top showmanship that drives the fans crazy! However, there’s more to Anderson’s life than wheeling what is possibly the most popular monster truck of all time.

When he’s not behind the wheel of Grave Digger, Anderson is still likely driving a huge truck of a different variety, although we have to say, there doesn’t appear to be a huge difference in the two. Dennis’ Mega Truck, named King Sling, is one of the most ridiculous Mega Truck builds we have ever seen. The truck, which bears a striking resemblance to Digger, is a work of off-roading art, but that doesn’t stop Anderson from getting down and dirty in the mud, slinging the gunk high into the air as he shreds the mud course time and again. Anderson puts the truck through its paces, diving into the mud and catching air over the jumps as the fans cheer him on.

Eventually, as he often does in the Monster Jam world, Anderson pushed the truck just beyond what it could handle and sent it rolling over onto its side at the end of the run. Luckily the only part of the truck that would be damaged in a rollover like that would be the fiberglass reproduction body, which can be easily repaired or replaced if the damage is too extensive. If nothing else, Dennis knows how to put on a show for the fans and did just that in his Mega Truck too!