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Dennis Collins Discovers ’68 Shelby GT500KR Driven 15 Miles in 27 Years

In an endless pursuit of all of the coolest cars around the country, Dennis Collins is treated to some pretty crazy finds from time to time. When somebody is looking to unload a classic muscle machine, he is one of the first people that probably comes to mind most. As such, we ride along with episodes of Collins’s “Coffee Walk” which takes us along on the trip to check in with some of the most amazing gems hidden in garages around the nation.

This time, the trip takes this quad to Scottsdale, Arizona to check in with an old-school Mustang that has quite a story behind it. In fact, this 1968 Shelby GT 500KR has been sitting in the garage to the tune of just 15 miles on the odometer in 27 years. We understand why people collect cars but I have got to say that it must take a ton of self-control to be able to not hop behind the wheel of this baby for nearly three decades.

This particular example isn’t akin to many of the barn-find candidates that we frequently see on Coffee Walk. Instead, the Shelby is in pretty good shape and looks like it’s ready to hit the road. As we tour the car to check in with the amazing condition, of course, Collins chimes in with his seemingly endless knowledge about the build. Watching this guy at work is always impressive as Collins is nothing short of a walking encyclopedia of car knowledge. He doesn’t just know the basics, either, as he dives into extreme specifics that we would swear that only the people who were there to build this car would know about.

By following along below, we get to watch that knowledge really come to life as Coffee Walk brings home another prime specimen.

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