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Dennis Collins Runs Into the Sad Sight of Two Iconic Bandit Run Trans Ams in House Fire

There are a lot of cool cars out there with a lot of different stories. In fact, we might even argue that each classic car in the world has its very own particular story that makes it something special.

Chasing down these stories is what hot rod connoisseur, Dennis Collins, is all about. Many times, the cars that he seeks out have seen better days as a lot of them have been neglected over the years. This time, though, it’s not exactly neglect that leaves the cars in question in rough shape. Instead, the owners of these machines went through a house fire and had a pair of their Pontiacs go up in flames as well. Unfortunately, the cars look like a literal shell of their former selves but there is hope on the horizon.

The machines are a “his and hers” pair of resto-mod Trans Ams that the owner held in high regard. As fans of Smokey and the Bandit and Burt Reynolds, the garage housed lots of Bandit memorabilia alongside two iconic cars. The husband’s car is a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, complete with a Burt Reynolds autograph on the glove box. The wife’s machine is a 1979 Trans Am that was actually a gift from her dad.

In any case, following a devastating fire, both of these cars appear as if they would be beyond repair. However, Dennis Collins has a friend who is going to take on the challenge of bringing them back to life. In order to get the process started, he asked Collins to take a trip out to the scene to do him a favor of picking up the machines and bringing them to the shop. The video below shows Collins catching up with the owners and learning a little bit more about the cars that hopefully will be very special again one day.


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