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Derek Silver Unit Nitrous Camaro vs Roxxie at Tucson Street Outlaws No Prep

Following the huge turnout and response to the Bristol No Prep event episode, Discovery Channel took the show west and rolled into Tucson Dragway for another race with a nice fat check for the winner. With another huge group of stars from the show as well as some of the biggest names in no prep racing on the property, that $40,000 check would certainly be earned, with the winner almost guaranteed to have to take out some heavy hitters on the way to the win.

A car that we used to see weekly but haven’t seen on Street Outlaws in quite some time, Derek’s Silver Unit Camaro made an appearance at the Tucson event, where it would line up head to head with another silver Camaro, this one a first gen known as Roxxie. Both F-Bodies are nitrous injected big blocks, so at least on paper this should make for a decent race. However, both cars have a little bit of a problem and end up making it a close race, at least for the first few dozen feet, for all the wrong reasons.

After their burnouts, both cars laying down some nice fresh rubber to help maximize traction on the tricky track surface, the cars stage up and prepare for battle. You see Roxxie in the far lane almost jump the beams, pushing the car so far forward that the prestage lights atop the christmas tree go out, but the stage lights stay lit, meaning the driver didn’t actually redlight. As the Roxxie’s engine gets up on the chip, it looks like the nitrous kicks in prematurely, most likely due to the driver double clutching the transbrake button, which triggers the nitrous system to activate on timers.

The car pops and bangs but seems not to hurt the engine, but when the tree drops, both cars sound like something is off in the timing or fuel tune and they leave very soft. Roxxie’s engine sounds like it comes around and the first gen pulls out to a big lead before the nitrous backfires through the intake. But by that time, the race was all but over as Derek had slowed after his car popped out of the exhaust when he left the line.