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Desperate Dog Owner Clings to Speeding Car After Abduction


It’s disheartening that the pursuit of easy money often leads some individuals to engage in morally reprehensible activities. Lately, a disturbing crime trend has emerged, requiring a particularly heartless individual to partake in such actions. The focal point of this criminal wave is the theft of French Bulldogs, fetching exorbitant prices of up to $3000, making them lucrative targets for criminals.

A recent incident involving a woman by the name of Ali Zacharias has brought this issue to the forefront. Anyone with a dog of significant value in the market is now likely on high alert, taking extra measures to protect not only a cherished family member but also a substantial financial investment.

Zacharias herself fell victim to dog napping while enjoying lunch at a café with her pup. In a shocking turn of events, a woman approached, calling to her dog, Onyx, and swiftly absconded with the unsuspecting pet, snatching its leash along the way.

The perpetrator, a heartless individual, quickly fled in a Kia Forte, joined by three accomplices. Refusing to let her beloved dog be taken, Zacharias jumped onto the hood, clinging to the windshield wipers as her only anchor. In what looked like a scene from a movie, the car sped through the city as the woman clung to the front.

Despite her brave efforts, Zacharias eventually found herself off the car, and Onyx remained trapped inside, unrecoverable. Zacharias is actively offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who can return her pet Onyx. This desperate attempt aims to reunite them. Onyx is not chipped…

This incident underscores the emotional impact of pet crimes, emphasizing the need for owners to take extra precautions. The prevalence of these heart-wrenching events underscores the need for heightened awareness and community efforts to combat such criminal activities.