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Getting a Detailed Look at 2019 Rivian EV Pickup

It seems like, as electric vehicles have really found a way to make a dominant presence in the market, some exciting things are soon to happen. With any new segment in an industry, there needs to be a little bit of time dedicated to working the kinks out. No industry is going to be perfect right off of the bat. Once the bottlenecks are broken, we can watch some truly amazing advancements come to life. Hopefully, that corner is being rounded in the electric vehicle industry right now. We’re super excited to see what the future of this line of vehicles holds.

One name that keeps popping up in the scheme of the electric world is the Rivian pickup truck. As of now, we have yet to see a successfully mass-produced electric pickup truck. Major players like Tesla and Ford are said to have one in the works. So far, no beans, though.

It really seems like Rivian is going to be one of the first to market with a mass-produced truck like this. They’ve even garnered interest from some of the biggest competitors. So, what is it going to be about this truck that ends up differentiating it from the trucks we see today? Obviously, the power source is going to be something new but what else? With an electric platform, there’s certainly a different dynamic that comes table. The design allows for a different set of rules when bringing the features of the truck together.

This time, we take a very detailed look at the 2019 Rivian EV. It seems like these guys have thought of absolutely everything. Because of the use of a “skateboard chassis” as commonly seen with electric vehicles, these trucks are laid out a little bit differently than a traditional pickup. With this, we see things like a tunnel that goes right through the body in front of the bed.

For those looking to get into one of these things, the entry price is going to be right at $69,000. Pre-orders are being taken now and the truck will ship at the end of next year.



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