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Detailing the Dirtiest Car Interior Ever, This Thing was a Disaster!

Detailing a vehicle is definitely an art and a science. It’s very particular in nature. Just because someone is driving around a car that appears clean, a detailer might see things a little bit differently. When we spend all day looking at cars and correcting their every last flaw, inside and out, we can tend to see things in a more exaggerated fashion. Gearheads are great at doing this to a fault. For example, those swirl marks on a quarter panel might not necessarily bother most. To a detailer, though, you might as well total the entire vehicle.

In this one, we check out a ride that is a mess, no matter who is looking at it. I don’t think that anyone would look at this van and consider it clean by any stretch of the imagination. As it has been neglected and left to sit over the years, it’s now covered in all kinds of scum and dirt that really needs to be done away with. Therefore, it would make a rather good project for a detailer to tackle. This time, we’re taken to the inside to crack down on some pesky dirt. Hopefully, this interior will look new when all is said and done!

Follow along in the video from the Stauffer Garage YouTube channel down below that shows off some of the techniques, different products, and tools that they will use to detail an interior. If you thought that your car was bad, just look at how disgusting this van was when it fell into their hands. In turn, it looks awesome when it’s all wrapped up.

There something about this video outside of the educational nature that is just so satisfying to watch as well. There’s something great about watching the dirty become clean again.


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