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DeWayne Mills Hands Off Keys to No Prep Car to Daughter, Kallee

DeWayne Mills Hands Off Keys to No Prep Car to Daughter, Kallee

For those who have been following DeWayne Mills, you may recall one of his more recent additions to the stable in Golden Kong.

After dominating in the Golden Gorilla, it was time to take on the world of no prep. When making its debut this year, the car fell right in line with Mills’s track record. It seems like anything that the driver touches turns to gold. This year has been nothing short of an incredibly strong debut showing.

Most drivers will attest that no prep is a whole different ballgame. However, Mills has looked like nothing short of a seasoned no prep veteran. However, in a surprising move, he’s removing himself from the Golden Kong in 2020. Instead of racing, Mills will be passing the torch along to the next generation.

At this weekend’s PRI show in Indy, a little bit of a change would be coming to the lineup. Instead of DeWayne wheeling the car into 2020, it will instead be his daughter, Kallee.

This passing of the torch was commemorated by getting Kallee’s name stickered on the window of the car as the official driver.

At 22 years old, Kallee Mills might’ve just become one of the most anticipated no prep additions for 2020. Up until now, she has begun to build a name for herself in X275. When we spoke with Mills, she recalled that she had been racing since the age of 9 with junior dragsters. This evolved into X275 which she has been in for about 4 years.

She will continue to race X275 alongside no prep. Mills seems to be quite invested in the series, telling us “I will always have something to do with the small tire stuff that is what I started and will always love it.”

From junior dragsters to X275 and now no-prep racing, she is putting together quite the resume. At such a young age, she has a long career ahead of her. Kallee tells us that she has lots of people around her to help guide her and the people at the track act as a sort of second family. She capped it all by telling us “I think it will be a challenge, one I’m will to take on.”

At just 22, Mills will be one of the younger no prep racers. She tells us that she “Always looked up to the women of the sport and I hope that I can be that for younger racers.”

Will Kallee Mills be the next young gun to dominate the no-prep scene?