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DFW Street Racing, No Trailer Cash Day! “Limpy”

Chris “Limpy” Collins is widely credited with being the man behind what would eventually become Street Outlaws. His Cash Days races in and around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area drew the fastest street raced cars from all over the midwest, many of them coming from the 405 to take their shot at the payouts and bragging rights. While those guys would end up with their own show, Limpy is still putting on some pretty big races in the DFW, including the awesome event in the video below.

By limiting the rules to allow only cars that are driven on the street regularly, Limpy weeded out any of those rides that blur the line between street car and race car, hopefully leveling the playing field for all those involved in the shootout. The rule set mandated a 29.5” tire as well, ensuring traction would be a limiting factor and also help keep the playing field level.

The rules drew a solid mix of rides too, with several generations of Mustangs being represented, an early Camaro and a couple of cool trucks, all of which laid down some great looking runs on the street. Two of the trucks, both of them rocking turbo LS power plants under the hood, mowed through the competition and met in the finals. The Nasty Nickel S10 would jump out to a small lead against Prime, the full-size Silverado in the other lane. However, Prime would drive back around on the top end to take the win in a great, close race.

There was also some grudge racing going down, with some cash and bragging rights on the line, all of which you’ll see in the video below from LonestarStreetRacing. Limpy knows how to put on a show, draw some awesome rides and ensure there’s great racing. That’s why he is and will always be a legend in the street racing game!


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