Did Grandma’s Volvo Really Just Beat a Charger Hellcat? Sleeper Alert!

When it comes to the cars that are the most highly touted out of the factory, you can ...

When it comes to the cars that are the most highly touted out of the factory, you can look to the Hellcat trim level of Mopar machines to be one of the most powerful and the fastest that you will be able to get your hands on without taking out a second mortgage. With a supercharged v8 pumping out over 700 hp, you aren’t going to find too many other cars on the streets that are cranking out more power off of the showroom floor. However, sometimes, you can run across a sleeper that is packing a lot more than what it seems. It’s these cars that catch you the most off guard that end up being the most attention-grabbing when you figure out what they are capable of.

In this one, we take a look at a crusty old 1985 Volvo 760. If, when we mention that nameplate, you can’t exactly picture what kind of car it is, it’s for good reason. It’s probably one of the most indistinguishable cars of the 80s as it is a vehicle that, while it serve its purpose, kind of blended into the landscaper a little bit as it got soccer moms from point-A to point-B. However, in this one, instead of being your regular old daily driver, we see such a Volvo that ends up being a lot more than that. This thing has been transformed into an all-out racing machine and you would never know it just by looking at it.

Follow along with the video below as this subtle Volvo ends up getting the best of the Dodge Charger Hellcat when going through a couple of drag racing scenarios with one of the most powerful cars on the road today. After watching this video, I guess that you could say that the driver behind the wheel of the Dodge was probably surprised on that first pass. The Mopar did end up coming back around and getting even with the LSx powered Volvo driver in the coming races but I would still think that the driver behind the wheel of that 760 probably shocks his fair share of other sports car drivers on the highway.

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