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Did He Really Just Win the Lottery and Buy $2M Worth of Exotic Supercars?

YouTuber Michael Berenis decided to make a little promo with our partners at Forza Tuned to help promo their upcoming lineup of builds. Berenis played the part of a car guy who’d hit the lotto and did exactly what most of us would do: ordered up a truckload full of insane exotic cars! We don’t know exactly how much Michael’s hypothetical jackpot was, but this truck full of horsepower would have set him back a cool two million bucks, and we aren’t even going to pretend we don’t love the massive, well-lit warehouse (played by Forza’s awesome HQ in Florida) he chose to keep them in as well.

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So what would an instant-millionaire order, exactly? Well, I was personally most interested in the very first car to roll out of the trailer, and it was likely the least expensive of the bunch, at least when it comes to brand-new cost. Dodge’s Challenger SRT Demon is one of my favorite cars to have ever had the opportunity to drive, and seeing a brand new one roll out of that trailer made my heart skip a beat. I love the choice of color and can’t wait to see what the crew at Forza is able to extract from the standing quarter mile king.

Next off the trailer is a trio of Ferrari’s, although I have to shamefully admit that I don’t even know what models they are. That’s what happens when you know you’ll never be able to afford a particular brand, you don’t put any thought into learning the models just by looking at them. There are also a couple of Lamborghinis on board, one of which is a Murcielago (I don’t know my Lambo’s either, but it has the model on the door sill) and the other a Huracan Performante Spyder (thanks, decals!).

Finally, an Aston Martin rounds out the shipment, rolling in looking all kinds of sexy in black with a black drop top. While we have to assume Michael won more than two million, even if he spent all his winnings on these cars, we really wouldn’t be mad at him. What better theoretical investment to make with easy money like lotto winnings than by picking up a warehouse full of badass cars to drive? Keep an eye out here for updates on these builds as they progress.